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What’s in a name? A lot, especially to trans people. The letting go of the old, ‘dead’ name is to them an important step in self-development. A long process of thinking preceded the choosing of my own, new name.

'The needs of our communities consist of much more than emergency help, we know this. But, we also know that while bigger organizations and policymakers are busy discussing abstract policies, there are people caught between the intersections of life and

'I’m standing in front of a mirror in my camisole and jeans. Marle, the woman next to me, asks me to name all the positive things about my body. When it remains quiet, she says, “You know, from the picture

“Isn’t that dangerous, those puberty inhibitors?” It’s a question I’ve been asked many times when I tell people that I started my physical transition at age 13. To map out the vital meaning of puberty inhibitors, I spoke with three

By Zinga van der Veen Non-binary: not identifying with the man/woman dichotomy. That’s the best way for me to define my gender experience. In a society that’s structured in a binary way, it’s a considerable journey for people like me to

Column 'If we want to create a society that includes everyone, then we will have to start a conversation with each other about transphobia. With people in our own neighbourhood, but also with colleagues or classmates. IDAHOT can help with that.'

Visibly trans is more difficult in the countryside than in the city.That is what's assumed. What about this really? In this article I dive into the statistics, share my own experience as a non-binary Frisian, and talk to three trans

Will I ever be able to leave behind my transness completely? And do I even want this? How transparent am I and will I stay about my transness?

Column by Ana Paula Lima On the 17th of March the election for the Dutch House of Representatives will take place. This is an important chance for us, trans people, to stand up for ourselves. Unfortunately I hear from many of my

Today, many artists proudly call themselves transgender. In what way do transgender artists differ from cisgender artists. s there such a thing as “trans art”? What makes art trans?

Trans artist Sophie Labelle focuses her comics primarily on the queer and trans community and less on educating society. I have been following her on social media for years and was allowed to interview her during her European tour.