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Transjoy is simply revolutionary. By specifically celebrating that piece of yourself that is marginalized by society, you show that the norms that are upheld within it are not necessary to be happy

'We started with the Trans Pride in 2014 and saw during our nine days pride progam that art really connects people and that more and more creative people came out of their shell.'

Monthly comic by Joris Bas Backer. August

Tabi is an avid cyclist and advocates for trans inclusive sports through their work at Pride and Sports. We got to talk about the beautiful and necessary work that Tabi does for our community.

Amsterdam Pride will be back from 30 July until 7 August, this year with the theme My Gender, My Pride. The fact that the word gender is now central - be it in a broader sense than just transgender - is nothing less than a historical shift.

This is a difficult question for many trans people. I’m visiting Kai (37), Roos (20), Max (23) and Mika (31) to listen to their stories.

By integrating art therapy into the tattooing process and emphasizing on offering the most comfortable experience possible, artist Loek tries to offer a safe space for everyone with his own tattoo shop.

Most of my friends are called by their names, while with me something strange occurs: either people call me the way they understand my name, or they call me the way they want.

To learn more about what zines are exactly and what they can mean for people who identify as trans, I had a chat with seasoned zinester James Rae Parnell. Turned out in a conversation about 'community' and 'unlikely allies'.

For a long time, he had been looking forward to the day he would be of age and would no longer need permission from his parents for all sorts of affairs. He barely endured his family situation and was determined to choose his own path as soon as he could. 'They have told me on occasion that ‘transgenders’ deserve the

Like many trans people, I existed mostly in my head, only aware of my body when I was working out in the gym. So being more of a thinker than a feeler, it made sense I lacked the urge to make my body do something with other bodies.

'They call me ‘Mama Barb’. It’s always a full house here. We have lgbtiq+ identifying friends of my kids over daily. They sometimes also come by when my kids aren’t home, to come talk to me.'