Like many trans people, I existed mostly in my head, only aware of my body when I was working out in the gym. So being more of a thinker than a feeler, it made sense I lacked the urge to make my body do something with other bodies.

‘I used to be a passionate sex worker, and now I am the proud owner of a dog grooming salon in Amsterdam.’ Nayra tells about her history: from working in the streets of Madrid in the eighties to her recent career switch.

Sex can be a challenge for trans people going into physical transition. For many a new world opens up in which there is a lot to explore

At age 22 Brasilian Aleisha started transitioning. A year later she was working in prostitution in Rio de Janeiro, not able to find another job. When she left Brasil to start a new life in Europe, sexwork again seemed the only option.

When do you tell a date about your sex surgery? Do you or do you not mention on your Tinder or Grindr profile that you are a transgender? Six experts by experience on transitioning and dating.