Become a maker

Would you like to work with us on the creation and production of the online magazine and the annual print magazine? Then you can apply for a role in the TRANS magazine project!

We are fully volunteer-run and also facilitate internships.

Our content production is an ongoing repetitive process on which an entire team collaborates; from the first mind mapping sessions on content ideas, to the publication of every single production.

The production of the print magazine is a more condensed project in which the chief editor works closely together with the chief print, chief design and chief image.

TRANS magazine holds biweekly editorial meetings to discuss our ideas and progress. We regularly organize inspirational talks and workshops from media professionals (writers, journalists, filmmakers, artists) within the trans community. Apart from the gender euphoria, being an editor also offers an interesting learning opportunity through the extensive feedback editors receive from both our final editor and from one another.

Our design, content translation, and online presence are also the work of the TRANS team.

Roles available:

  • Content creators (Writers, Podcast makers, Videographers, Photographers)
  • Co-Final Editor (fact checking, corrections)
  • Webeditor
  • Social Media planner & editor
  • Chief Image Team
  • Illustrator
  • Production manager
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