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Transjoy is simply revolutionary. By specifically celebrating that piece of yourself that is marginalized by society, you show that the norms that are upheld within it are not necessary to be happy

'We started with the Trans Pride in 2014 and saw during our nine days pride progam that art really connects people and that more and more creative people came out of their shell.'




Ryan (non binary trans) and David (cis) are a happy queer couple and the very young parents of a genetic own child. In an intimate correspondence they shared their thoughts and feelings during their pregnancy with each other, and with

On the doormat?

Once a year, TRANS comes out in print – full of personal stories, interviews, photo series, and more! (In Dutch)


Visibly trans is more difficult in the countryside than in the city.That is what's assumed. What about this really? In this article I dive into the statistics, share my own experience as a non-binary Frisian, and talk to three trans

Despite all the work I had been putting  into healing my relationship with my body, the years of body dysmorphia and internalised fatphobia hid that what I truly hated deep down was that it was perceived as a woman’s body.

What’s in a name? A lot, especially to trans people. The letting go of the old, ‘dead’ name is to them an important step in self-development. A long process of thinking preceded the choosing of my own, new name.

'My mother has to be the person who most intensely experienced my transition. She also gained her own personal growth through my transition.


Rowan, known from the TLC-series Onze transgender liefde (“Our transgender love”), has postponed his transition to be able to have a child with his (transgender) wife Louisa. In

At the mention of ‘pregnant trans men’ many people over thirty will think of Thomas Beatie, the American who obtained publicity in 2007 with his pregnancy and turned

(AFAB= Assigned Female at Birth, AMAB=Assigned Male at Birth) What choices do you have as a trans masculine person when it comes to fertility? Dr. Norah Van Mello is




Trans Cinema 101

With this video series, filmmaker An wants to discover and discuss films that are authentic, valuable and meaningful to the trans community.


Exhibition trans heritage

When do you include an object in an exhibition about trans heritage and when not? An interview with the curator; writer and historian Alex Bakker.

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