When I do sports, I feel flexible, strong and free. Moving your body is a way to forget the world around you and completely lose yourself in the moment. Still, as a trans person, sports do make me feel uncomfortable at times. In which locker room or team do I belong? Where are all the trans and non-binary people who

Freddie Lian sat down with one of the founders of Treat it Queer, which is a foundation dedicated to inclusive healthcare, to talk about their mission.

One sometimes speaks of a Soul or something similar. But who or what then is that Soul or that ‘I’ who has this body? Do they even exist? And what does this mean for the experience of life with this body?

By integrating art therapy into the tattooing process and emphasizing on offering the most comfortable experience possible, artist Loek tries to offer a safe space for everyone with his own tattoo shop.

Despite all the work I had been putting  into healing my relationship with my body, the years of body dysmorphia and internalised fatphobia hid that what I truly hated deep down was that it was perceived as a woman’s body.

“Isn’t that dangerous, those puberty inhibitors?” It’s a question I’ve been asked many times when I tell people that I started my physical transition at age 13. To map out the vital meaning of puberty inhibitors, I spoke with three young transgender people.

I was diagnosed with a form of autism (PDD-NOS) not long before I started my transition at the Amsterdam UMC. In the peer support group for trans men I started visiting, as well as in online groups I joined, I met many people with the same 'double diagnoses'.

At the mention of ‘pregnant trans men’ many people over thirty will think of Thomas Beatie, the American who obtained publicity in 2007 with his pregnancy and turned the world upside down. Despite the many other pregnant trans men who followed or came before him, the topic is still taboo. After all, how can someone insist that he is male

(AFAB= Assigned Female at Birth, AMAB=Assigned Male at Birth) What choices do you have as a trans masculine person when it comes to fertility? Dr. Norah Van Mello is a gynaecologist and since 2016 she has been employed at the outpatient clinic for gender dysphoria at Amsterdam UMC. Here she holds a fertility consultation hour for transgender persons on a weekly

Within the time span of about a year I’ve thrown three coming-outs out of the closet: I turned out to be queer, I have ASD, and I am non-binary.