'I’m standing in front of a mirror in my camisole and jeans. Marle, the woman next to me, asks me to name all the positive things about my body. When it remains quiet, she says, “You know, from the picture

I was diagnosed with a form of autism (PDD-NOS) not long before I started my transition at the Amsterdam UMC. In the peer support group for trans men I started visiting, as well as in online groups I joined, I

At the mention of ‘pregnant trans men’ many people over thirty will think of Thomas Beatie, the American who obtained publicity in 2007 with his pregnancy and turned the world upside down. Despite the many other pregnant trans men who

Dr. Norah Van Mello is a gynaecologist and for the past two years she has been employed at the outpatient clinic for gender dysphoria at Amsterdam UMC. Here she holds a fertility consultation hour for trans men on a weekly