It is also possible to contribute to TRANS magazine with a story (in text or image), without taking on a permanent role in the team. Online, we can publish new stories throughout the year. We may also be able to include your story in the annual print magazine.

If you have (an idea for) a story, you can pitch it to us. 

In your pitch, we would like to see at least the following points:

  • Which medium do you want to use (do you want to write, make a comic, do you have an idea for a photo series, a podcast‚Ķ)
  • A description of the subject and your goal 
  • Which sources you want to consult 
  • (If it is an article): What kind of image you think might fit well

Consider the following in advance:

  • Personal experience and personal research almost always form the basis of a story in TRANS. 
  • A story should add to the stories we have already published. 

You make it clear what the structure of your story could be. The facts on which your topic is based must have been checked; an opinion must be well founded; a thesis must make sense. A personal concept should also be well researched. 

To accompany your pitch, write a short introduction about yourself. What drives you to create this story, and why are you the right person to tell this story?