Joining a dating app has become almost a right of passage when reaching adulthood, but most dating apps do not seem to cater to a non-cis audience. Eden Osasion investigates the influence of dating apps and talks to Skylar Haven, bodycoach for the queer and trans community.

Sensitive parts of myself that I had locked away, finally felt welcome to come out and be held and admired. Both verbally and non verbally. I didn’t have to explain much, which felt like a breath of fresh air. This is what I experienced as a non binary trans masc person while dating another trans person.

Most of my friends are called by their names, while with me something strange occurs: either people call me the way they understand my name, or they call me the way they want.

For a long time, he had been looking forward to the day he would be of age and would no longer need permission from his parents for all sorts of affairs. He barely endured his family situation and was determined to choose his own path as soon as he could. 'They have told me on occasion that ‘transgenders’ deserve the

'They call me ‘Mama Barb’. It’s always a full house here. We have lgbtiq+ identifying friends of my kids over daily. They sometimes also come by when my kids aren’t home, to come talk to me.'

‘As a 38 year old -dare to say- cis passable trans woman, who is attracted to cis males, and who has been through many phases of identity (pre and post hormones, pre-op, post-op, stealth, you name it), dating has not been a major issue for me. Finding a reliable man who is also looking for a long-term relationship, that has

Trans man Bappie (29) and cis woman Jamilla (26) have been together for seven years. A double interview with a queer couple about the impact of Bappie's transitioning on their relation.

'My mother has to be the person who most intensely experienced my transition. She also gained her own personal growth through my transition.

Ryan (non binary trans) and David (cis) are a happy queer couple and the very young parents of a genetic own child. In an intimate correspondence they shared their thoughts and feelings during their pregnancy with each other, and with us.