TRANS magazine print edition is coming back! This year will see the fifth edition of the magazine come out, and this will revolve around the theme ‘beyond trans’.

Beyond trans

The media carries extensive opinion pieces and background articles on medical transitions and health care waiting lists all the time. The focus on our medical records and physical countenance pushes us into pigeon holes that make it impossible to show that we are so much more, capable of so much more. Trans people have – surprise surprise – real lives, with talents, hobbies, friends and happiness. We are so much more than just an identity. Now let’s put that in the spotlight.

So this magazine will focus on everything beyond pure gender identity. The aim with this magazine is to show what talent can be found in our community. Do you write fiction stories? Poetry? Are you a photographer and do you have an idea for a great art series that we really can’t do without? Would you like to interview someone, or do you have another interpretation of the theme ‘beyond trans’? 

Then send in your pitch to by Sunday 30 April. We are looking for a broad interpretation of the theme in language, content form and topics. So don’t hesitate to think creatively about the theme. You can read more about what we want to read in a pitch here.

Once a year, TRANS comes out in print (in Dutch so far!) – full of personal stories, interviews, photo series, and more!

Do you want to feel, smell, read, leave lying around, bring to the gym, to your meetings, to school, the beach, family reunions, or simply treasure forever the 100+ pages of TRANS magazine? Make sure you get your copy of the 2021 edition now, by ordering in our webshop or buying it in your favorite bookshop!

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