Zines have a long standing history in queer & feminist culture, which is why we started experimenting with publishing our very own TRANS zine in 2022! Being a platform that makes space for TRANS makers exclusively, it’s within us to strive to deconstruct and reinvent the constraint of cisheteronormative (publishing) boundaries. Zine content has no pre-determined forms which means the nature of zine content can revolve more freely around inclusivity and accessibility. Zines also provide a low-cost alternative to other forms of print media.

Our first zine came out in June 2022 and is a mini-Pride edition! Six of our team members put their pride on a tiny zine page and we topped it off with a wholesome colouring page. Don’t worry – we also left a page for you so you can share your pride with us as well!

The zine is available below for download, but you can also contact us and we’ll send you one. If you want to print it yourself, be our guest! Check our instagram (@transmagazinenl) for a tutorial on how to fold the zine. Happy Pride!

‘At the moment, in the Western world we are living
in, the possibility of a radical gender eutopia –
whatever that would look like – is not our reality.
Here we are, real and existing, in this ultracisgender,
heteronormative world build by the
cruel, misguided hands of colonialism, racism,
misogyny, and ableism (I’m sure this could
become a much longer list).
So how do we do it?
How do we, trans people, exist in an
environment that tries to break and erase us?
This zine is dedicated to that question.
This is how we exist.
These are the tools we use to thrive.
Happy zine-ing!

xx Britt (editor in chief 2022)