Today, many artists proudly call themselves transgender. In what way do transgender artists differ from cisgender artists. s there such a thing as “trans art”? What makes art trans?

Trans artist Sophie Labelle focuses her comics primarily on the queer and trans community and less on educating society. I have been following her on social media for years and was allowed to interview her during her European tour.

'Many people who come into ballroom for the first time are shocked: “Oh my god, there are so many rules and it’s so binary?! And why aren’t the trans women walking the Women’s category?”'

The Dutch television program about being transgender 'Hij is een Zij' is about to start the fifth season. An interview with presenter Jan Kooijman: 'I like the documentary type of approach and the long time spent following people, which allows

Rowan, known from the TLC-series Onze transgender liefde (“Our transgender love”), has postponed his transition to be able to have a child with his (transgender) wife Louisa. In December 2017, he became the proud dad of Mikai and in April