According to Ana Paula

Tabi is an avid cyclist and advocates for trans inclusive sports through their work at Pride and Sports. We got to talk about the beautiful and necessary work that Tabi does for our community.

Mavi Veloso's work is shown in the underground scene as well as in museums. Ana Paula Lima talks to Mavi about the background of her comprehensive project Travesti Biológica.

Column 'If we want to create a society that includes everyone, then we will have to start a conversation with each other about transphobia. With people in our own neighbourhood, but also with colleagues or classmates. IDAHOT can help with that.'

Column by Ana Paula Lima On the 17th of March the election for the Dutch House of Representatives will take place. This is an important chance for us, trans people, to stand up for ourselves. Unfortunately I hear from many of my transgender friends that they have no faith in the current politicians and that they most likely won’t vote this year.

I was born and raised in a city where the world’s biggest Pride is celebrated: São Paulo, Brazil. In 1997, the first Pride took place there and I was present. That’s a day I will never forget.