'The needs of our communities consist of much more than emergency help, we know this. But, we also know that while bigger organizations and policymakers are busy discussing abstract policies, there are people caught between the intersections of life and

“Isn’t that dangerous, those puberty inhibitors?” It’s a question I’ve been asked many times when I tell people that I started my physical transition at age 13. To map out the vital meaning of puberty inhibitors, I spoke with three

Visibly trans is more difficult in the countryside than in the city.That is what's assumed. What about this really? In this article I dive into the statistics, share my own experience as a non-binary Frisian, and talk to three trans

The Netherlands' pioneer status, which it attained by opening the first transgender clinic in the world in 1975, is now in decline. However, our country is still considered to be trans friendly. In other parts of Europe, transgender people are

As a trans person in Latin America, your average lifespan is thirty-five years. If I hadn't fled my country three years ago, I probably would have been part of the statistics.

I feel more and more at home in my changing body, but still fall over a number of social stumbling blocks, such as going out. 'Will I pass as a man?', 'Am I flat enough in this binder?' and

Ingrid van Engelshoven, Minister of Education, Culture and Science (D66) writes a column for TRANS magazine 2020 “Unknown makes unloved”, according to an old Dutch saying. Minister Ingrid van Engelshoven You can make of that what you like, but that’s simply the

'When I decided to write a novel about my life after transitioning, and when that turned into a serious project, it dawned on me that my life in stealth would end.'

Being a second-generation queer Filipino American, I am divergent and foreign by the operating system of this settler state of America, which deems whiteness, heterosexuality, and the gender binary as the set standard of living.