TRANS magazine is made by those who know our themes from the inside-out. The editorial team is made up of volunteers.

Would you like to contribute to the creation of the yearly print magazine? Then you can apply for a role in the TRANS magazine project. If you contribute to the project, you get to think and add to the content of the magazine. You can take on many diverse tasks and thus feel more connected to the end product. You’ll be part of the editorial team and come in on meetings. There are also sub-teams like image editing, design, social media, the online magazine, translators or marketing. For example: You could be a writer and a social media planner, or a photographer and an image editor. Or illustrator and translator or even writer and podcast producer.

How? Read here: Work with us.

Contribute to the TRANS magazine production
TRANS#3-in-progress: flow

It’s also possible to contribute to TRANS magazine by submitting a story (written word or imagery) without being part of the larger project. We publish new stories online, the whole year through. And maybe we can use your story in the print magazine.

Do you have (an idea for) a story, then you can pitch it to us.

How? Read here: Contribute a story.