It’s possible to contribute a story without being on the editorial team. Do you have an idea for a story in written language or images, you can pitch it to us.

Before you do this, it’s important to consider:

  • Personal experience and research are often the basis for the stories we publish. Why are you the right person to tell this story?
  • A story has to add to the collection of articles we already published.

A pitch is a condensed version of the story. It contains a description of the subject and goal of the story (either written of imagery). You can add which sources you will use (for example desk research or interviews). In the pitch it must be obvious what the structure of your story will be. The facts you base your topic on must be checked, an opinion substantiated and a personal concept must have had good research.

Write a short introduction about yourself with your pitch. What drives you to create this story, and why are you the right person to tell this story?

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