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There is Pride in Rest: a series of low-stimulus evenings for the trans and gender diverse community and its allies, as part of the Queer & Pride Amsterdam program. TRANS magazine, in collaboration with Tugela85 and the Bob Angelo Fund, is organizing a series of low-stimulus evenings during Queer & Pride Amsterdam 2023 that are specifically aimed at the gender diverse

In January, docent Laurens Buijs published an opinion piece in Folia, a university related magazine, in which he calls non-binarity an empty hype. He has since then repeatedly used his platform as a social scientist to publish hateful comments against non-binary people. The non-binary community of the university of Amsterdam decided to speak out and advocate to make the University

TRANS magazine is an annual independent print magazine and online platform created by (trans)gender diverse people. TRANS aims to offer our readers representation and inspiration through personal stories, conversations, opinions, and images. TRANS shows that there is no one single trans narrative. We give everyone with trans experiences the space to share their perspective.

By integrating art therapy into the tattooing process and emphasizing on offering the most comfortable experience possible, artist Loek tries to offer a safe space for everyone with his own tattoo shop.

For a long time, he had been looking forward to the day he would be of age and would no longer need permission from his parents for all sorts of affairs. He barely endured his family situation and was determined to choose his own path as soon as he could. 'They have told me on occasion that ‘transgenders’ deserve the

‘I used to be a passionate sex worker, and now I am the proud owner of a dog grooming salon in Amsterdam.’ Nayra tells about her history: from working in the streets of Madrid in the eighties to her recent career switch.

TRANS magazine is looking for gender diverse people that would like to participate in an online focus group.

We like to see ourselves on screen. We like to see stories of people like ourselves reflected back to us, in a meaningful manner. It helps us in order to be able to identify, legitimize, empower.However, for trans folks like me, those cinematic representations have usually been rather problematic, perpetuating harmful tropes and stereotypes. Luckily, more and more movies are

Ryan (non binary trans) and David (cis) are a happy queer couple and the very young parents of a genetic own child. In an intimate correspondence they shared their thoughts and feelings during their pregnancy with each other, and with us.