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One sometimes speaks of a Soul or something similar. But who or what then is that Soul or that ‘I’ who has this body? Do they even exist? And what does this mean for the experience of life with this body?

Today, many artists proudly call themselves transgender. In what way do transgender artists differ from cisgender artists. s there such a thing as “trans art”? What makes art trans?

'Many people who come into ballroom for the first time are shocked: “Oh my god, there are so many rules and it’s so binary?! And why aren’t the trans women walking the Women’s category?”'

The first conversation of this English podcast by art student Sam White is with Chris Rijksen, co-founder of the Transketeers and audiovisual artist in Amsterdam.

In this English podcast, American queer art student Sam explores the experiences of transgender artists in the Netherlands.

Trans man Bappie (29) and cis woman Jamilla (26) have been together for seven years. A double interview with a queer couple about the impact of Bappie's transitioning on their relation.

Ingrid van Engelshoven, Minister of Education, Culture and Science (D66) writes a column for TRANS magazine 2020 “Unknown makes unloved”, according to an old Dutch saying. Minister Ingrid van Engelshoven You can make of that what you like, but that’s simply the way it works for us humans. It’s hardwired into us – and not only into rigid, conservative types. Progressive people