The irresistible urge to create your own zine?

The irresistible urge to create your own zine?

Have you always wanted to create your own zine, but no idea how to get started? This is your chance!

Zinester Rae Parnell has created an inspiring video workshop in which he tells about the history of zine making and explains step by step how to get from idea to distribution, of your ‘message-in-mini-magazine-form’.

We shared this online video workshop plus discussion with Rae in the run-up to May 17 (IDAHOBIT). We will be offering these again in June, so keep an eye on our social media!

Rae Parnell

Below the zine made by workshop participant Vayne, who used the paper TRANS magazine for this!

“I am an experience expert (volunteer), likes to commit myself to various issues that are close to my heart, on various platforms. I write/poetry, photograph, create. Love my dog ​​girls, quality time with friends, being in nature, hiking, dancing, singing, queer events, music(events), spirituality, binging, going on adventures, discovering/learning new things.” (@vayneneov)