Author: Robert Witte

Rowan, known from the TLC-series Onze transgender liefde (“Our transgender love”), has postponed his transition to be able to have a child with his (transgender) wife Louisa. In December 2017, he became the proud dad of Mikai and in April he finally started taking testosterone. I interviewed him two months later.

At the mention of ‘pregnant trans men’ many people over thirty will think of Thomas Beatie, the American who obtained publicity in 2007 with his pregnancy and turned the world upside down. Despite the many other pregnant trans men who followed or came before him, the topic is still taboo. After all, how can someone insist that he is male

(AFAB= Assigned Female at Birth, AMAB=Assigned Male at Birth) What choices do you have as a trans masculine person when it comes to fertility? Dr. Norah Van Mello is a gynaecologist and since 2016 she has been employed at the outpatient clinic for gender dysphoria at Amsterdam UMC. Here she holds a fertility consultation hour for transgender persons on a weekly