Author: Alejandra Ortiz

As a writer for TRANS I apply the experiences I gained as a trans woman of Mexican origin, the same as when standing up for bicultural trans-migrants and refugees in The Netherlands.

Most of my friends are called by their names, while with me something strange occurs: either people call me the way they understand my name, or they call me the way they want.

'The needs of our communities consist of much more than emergency help, we know this. But, we also know that while bigger organizations and policymakers are busy discussing abstract policies, there are people caught between the intersections of life and who cannot wait to get help. That's why we are here.'

‘As a 38 year old -dare to say- cis passable trans woman, who is attracted to cis males, and who has been through many phases of identity (pre and post hormones, pre-op, post-op, stealth, you name it), dating has not been a major issue for me. Finding a reliable man who is also looking for a long-term relationship, that has

The older generation grew up at a time when little or nothing was known about the subject of 'being transgender', so you couldn't talk about it. Author Eveline van de Putte wrote down the stories of many of them in the book Nieuwe Namen.

As a trans person in Latin America, your average lifespan is thirty-five years. If I hadn't fled my country three years ago, I probably would have been part of the statistics.

I’ve never felt entirely at peace with myself or amongst the people around me. For years I didn’t know why, but now I do: they didn’t understand me and didn’t see me for who I was. I didn’t even know who I was myself. I was always attracted to all sorts of people. I found a part of the answer in