Work with us

Would you like to work with us on the creation and production of the yearly print magazine? Then you can apply for a role in the TRANS magazine project.

The production of the print magazine is a step-by-step process on which an entire team collaborates; from the first mind mapping sessions to the final product. Stichting Inclusief developed the magazine project as a tool for empowerment for those creating it. The idea is to learn by doing: producing, reintegrating feedback and working together towards an ambitious end product. We’ve had professional journalists, magazine makers, audio visual designers and media marketers come and contribute their knowledge during the process of production.

If you contribute to the project, you get to think and add to the content of the magazine. You can take on many diverse tasks and thus feel more connected to the end product. You’ll be part of the editorial team and come in on meetings. There are also sub-teams like image editing, design, social media, the online magazine, translators or marketing. For example: You could be a writer and a social media planner, or a photographer and an image editor. Or illustrator and translator or even writer and podcast producer.

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The chief editor, final editor and image editor are the leads in the production process. They make sure the consistency of trans magazine is up to par. The creative production of TRANS magazine is a group process. The end result and how far it reaches is the result of everyone who’s contributed.

Roles available:

  • Editor or Writer
  • Fact checker
  • Co-chief editor
  • Proof reader
  • illustrator, graphic designer
  • photographer
  • lay-out designer
  • marketing/sales manager
  • marketing/sales assistent

The production of the yearly print magazine takes about 8 months.

The online magazine (this website) is a continual year round process. The main goal being that the online magazine is easily findable for a large and diverse product. The web designer leads this process.


  • web editor / Search Engine Optimalisation
  • Translator Dutch to English. Proofreader.
  • social media planner

Would you like to be involved in the making of TRANS magazine? Do you have skills or talents that you’d like to use to help us accomplish our goal? Mail us your motivation: