TRANS magazine: the makers’ experience

‘I found it extremely inspiring to work together with like-minded people. It was really freeing not having to explain things or defend myself; to just be me’

‘The role of a journalist let me experience that I dared more and did more than I had thought I would beforehand. I was only looking to write about my own experiences, as interviewing someone seemed really scary to me. I’d never thought I’d be having such a deep and fun conversation with Jan Kooijman!’

TRANS magazine makers Social media team editie 2020

‘There was always a great atmostphere during meetings. You could tell that everyone liked to be together. It was a diverse team and I learned a lot about the topics we discussed with one another. It was great to meet other experienced guests: Maxim Februari, Tanja Barkhuis, Merel Moistra, Mounir Samuel, Alex Bakker.’

TRANS#2 after work drink

This project was a real work experience. I learned so much from the feedback of the chief editor on my written work. Skills like building a better story and constructing good sentences. It was confrontational as well, because you put so much of yourself into your work. But feedback is always constructive. Realising that it’s all because your story is being taken seriously; that motivated me to really give it my all.’

‘We had experienced journalists, chief editors, media marketing experts and film makers come in on the project. They offered us their knowledge; it’s almost priceless! We could ask them questions and have them on board during production. Their tips and advice were immediately incorporated’

page flow _ TRANS magazine redactie

‘It’s the most crazy feeling seeing your own article and images become something printed! I’m really proud that TRANS magazine is lying between other magazines in the store.’

TRANS magazine hot of the press