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The current generation of trans people grows up with the phenomenon of trans joy, but this might have been very different for the generations before us. How do older trans people experience trans joy? Tijn asked Corine van Dun.

Alex Bakker dives into 1990s trans activism in the United States and explains how a t-shirt at the time connected trans groups from all over the country.

In this photo serie The Clintess, a model singer and influencer from Malta, show her transitioning life to educate and inspire others.

Monthly comic by Joris Bas Backer - On how stigma can lurk

Chapter 1 : The mysterious message Holding his girlfriend against him, Dante sat underneath a tree enjoying a beautiful autumn day. He was just writing a poem on his smartphone, when a message from an unknown number appeared on the screen. Inside, he was already laughing. This must come from Jeroen, he thought.  Ever since primary school, they had been best friends. They used

Le Favolose, known in English as The Fabulous Ones, takes place over the course of a single night in which a group of trans women come together to honor their deceased friend. Almost 30 years after their friend Antonia is killed outside of a rock concert, one of the women in the group finds a letter that was meant to

Blue ID tells the story of Rüzgar Erkoçlar, a trans Turkish actor, and his transition journey beginning from the time he started his hormone replacement therapy to the present. The film was created by two of his close friends and the project was originally meant to be a resource for trans Turkish people so that they have access to trans

When I started writing this column, I realised that how I experience transjoy is of course only a fragment of the much broader experience of trans joy. In the previous column I mentioned some examples of things that give me trans joy. As a non-binary, masculine-presenting person, I have less knowledge of the perspective of trans women and femmes on

TRANS magazine is an annual independent print magazine and online platform created by (trans)gender diverse people. TRANS aims to offer our readers representation and inspiration through personal stories, conversations, opinions, and images. TRANS shows that there is no one single trans narrative. We give everyone with trans experiences the space to share their perspective.

Anhell69 is a personal, ethnographic documentary about Theo Montoya and his feature film project Anhell69. The published summary for Anhell69 describes the young queer scene in Colombia being cast in a vampire movie when the star dies of a heroin overdose at age 21, but the documentary covers so much more than just these events tackling themes of protest, identity,

In this new column historian Alex Bakker puts a spotlight on the history of trans people in the Netherlands by highlighting objects, photos, images, and stories. This time a piece of clarification on the backgrounds to the new transgender act. With a call to do history justice.

One sometimes speaks of a Soul or something similar. But who or what then is that Soul or that ‘I’ who has this body? Do they even exist? And what does this mean for the experience of life with this body?