Contribute a story

It’s possible to contribute a story without being on the editorial team. Do you have an idea for a story in written language or images, you can pitch it to us.

Before you do this, it’s important to know the following:

  • TRANS magazine is made by people who know our themes from the inside-out.
  • Personal experience and research are often the basis for the stories we publish.
  • TRANS magazine represents diversity and inclusivity through written language and the choice of imagery
  • A story has to add to the collection of stories we already published.

Themes that have already been published in TRANS magazine are:

A pitch is a condensed version of the story. It contains a description of the subject and goal of the story (either written of imagery). You can add which sources you will use (for example desk research or interviews). In the pitch it must be obvious what the structure of your story will be, for example using a working title, subheadings or sketches if it’s an image based story. The facts you base your topic on must be checked, an opinion substantiated and a personal concept must have had good research.

Next to your pitch, you must write a short introduction about yourself. What drives you to make this story and why for TRANS magazine. Also – why are you the right person to be telling this story?

For an image based story: send us a link to your online portfolio or include a selection of your work.

For a story in written form: If your pitch is selected by the editing team, we will ask you to make a draft (rough version of your story). We judge your draft on basis of accessibility, legibility and style. If your draft is found to be a good one, we decide if it comes in the print or online magazine. And you will be given a deadline for the final article.

The editor will give you tips for corrections and adaptations that you then apply yourself. In further editing process (that often results in a number of text versions), the editor may change parts of the story for style or grammatical reasons. You’ll always be involved in this process, but at the end of the day, the final editor decides. Maybe you have ideas for graphics of photography. You can discuss this and the image editor can think alongside you and/or make decisions.

We’d love to receive your pitch for your story via