Trans artists in the spotlight

Trans artists in the spotlight

Author Charly Ros

As a transgender non-binary art student I don’t see my experiences reflected in the art history lessons nor in the language at art school.

This is why I would like to learn from other trans artists how they make art, what inspires them to do so, what’s difficult for them and what brings them joy. Sometimes I feel like there is a queerer approach to subjects, other times cis-normativity is reproduced. Some people don’t see it as necessary to engage in activism in their art and just exist as trans people making fine art. Other people go out of their way to create highly visibly trans art work. 

I want to learn how their intersecting identities influence what they create and how they create. Therefor I’m producing a series of conversations with trans artists, in which their work will be exposed.

Readers call: Do you think there is something as transgender art? Do you think transgender artists differ from cisgender artists? If yes, in what way? If no, how come? I would love to hear your opinion, please send your response to: