My Body Isn’t Mine – Body dysmorphia, gender dysphoria and an eating disorder

‘I’m standing in front of a mirror in my camisole and jeans. Marle, the woman next to me, asks me to name all the positive things about my body. When it remains quiet, she says, “You know, from the picture you brought I can see that you used to have a very beautiful feminine body. You’re trying to lose weight to become prettier, but in reality you’re becoming less pretty the thinner you get. If you gain weight, you would regain your femininity.” The only thing I think is: why would I want to be even more feminine?’

According to Ana Paula

‘If we want to create a society that includes everyone, then we will have to start a conversation with each other about transphobia. With people in our own neighbourhood, but also with colleagues or classmates. IDAHOT can help with that.’