TRANS magazine is a yearly independent print magazine (see: Shop) and an online magazine about gender identity, starts on the 10th of September 2016. ‘Stichting Inclusief’ is the founder and publisher of the magazine.

TRANS magazine wants to provide background and deeper stories on themes like gender identity, culture, being ‘out’, etc. The experience of the editorial team has direct influence on how to frame certain stories. In every story we want to celebrate gender diversity and promote a culture of inclusivity.

Since the first edition, a lot has happened and changed in the representation of gender diverse people in media. A lot of role models have come out of the woodworks. We’re of the belief that this has strengthened the position of trans people. If you see someone who you can identify with, it can help you recognise yourself and be yourself. Maybe you’ll even become an example to someone else.

It begun with 12 enthusiastic trans people who founded the editorial team of TRANS#1. Trans people who were eager to change and nuance the way trans people are portrayed in the media by bringing out their own magazine. Since then over 50 trans people have worked at or on TRANS magazine as writers, creators, photographers, designers, editors or translators.

The makers of TRANS magazine describe working on the editorial team as one similar to gender euphoria: Finding understanding and recognition with others who know and understand exactly what you mean.

We love to hear from our readers. Please feel free to contact us.

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